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Oak Harbor Team

Teresa, Pharmacist manager

-From Seattle, WA

-She has been with the company for 6 months. She is the pharmacist manager and also in charge of the Specialty Pharmacy Services. 

-She loves that we offer Specialty Pharmacy as it is providing our local patients the opportunity to get their medications for conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chron's Disease, Psoriasis or Hepatitis C, from our pharmacy rather than through impersonal mail order pharmacy which is very exciting for us to offer. She believes that our local community deserves this high level of care and she is proud to be part of the launch and implementation of this new service. 

-Since she just moved from Seattle she is loving the small community feel and openness of everyone that she has met on the Island. She loves the fact that so many of our employees have grown up here and have chosen to stay and raise their families here which speaks highly of the island lifestyle and commitment to the community. 


Blair, Customer Service Associate

-Was born in California but moved to Oak Harbor at the age of 3.

-She has been with the company for about 4 years and works in the gift department helping customers and creates the displays.

-She loves the old fashion fountain and ibuck$ which allow customers to earn points while shopping. She values her relationship with her customers as she has never experienced that at any other job!

Betsy, Front End Manager

-She has been an Oak Harbor resident for over 20 years.

-She has worked for the company since 2008. She is the front end manager and buyer for the gift department. Her goal as a manager is to make sure our customers feel welcome and enjoy their experience of shopping at our store.

-Favorite Product/Service: She loves the selection of readers, she says she buys a pair about every month. Also loves the ibucks rewards program since it's so easy to build up points and if you're a pharmacy customer, you get double points!


JoAnn, Assistant Gift Manager

-From Pueblo, Colorado.

-She has been with Island Drug since March of 2007

Favorite Product/Service: She loves that we offer free gift wrapping and one of her favorite products is the poo-pouri. Something valuable to her at the store is having our own homeopathic Dr. Karen on staff once a week. Karen's knowledge and products have not only helped her, but her family in Colorado as well.

Michelle, DME Technician

-From New York however grew up in California and moved to Washington about 20 years ago.

-She has been with the company for about 8 years. She works in the Durable Medical Equipment department.

-Favorite Product/Service: She loves the Apple-A-Day Cafe that is located in the store.

Brittany, Pharmacy Technician

-From California

-She has worked for the company for about 3 and a half years. 

-Favorite Product/Service: She loves that we offer so many services to our customers, she hasn't worked at any other pharmacy that offers so much. Her favorite product is the seasonal items in the gift department, specially around christmas time. 


-More staff being added regularly