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Vaccine Stocked? Yes - Moderna
Location Oak Harbor Only

Current Phase Immunizing:


(pls sign up below for phase/eligibility change notification emails)

1a2 (Health Care & LTC)


1b1 (65+ yrs and 50+yrs in multigenerational)

We are excited to welcome these groups to book an appointment now:
  • All people 65 years or older
  • All people 50 years or older in multigenerational households
  • All workers in health care or long-term care setting
1/22/21 Update/Status
We have a new tool for you!
Many of the calls and emails are inquiring about an appointment status - more calls or emails than we can reply to. Please use this tool before attempting to reach our team. It is hosted on the new webpage we are migrating to that will handle volume better (the old site is wilting under pressure). Microsoft limited our outbound appointment confirmations during peak times, our new lookup tool will hopefully make up for this technical issue.
What we have been up to...
With 1B-1 this week, we have been vaccinating continuously from Monday night thru last night. We have exhausted our supply. Supply updates will be available early next week, we expect.
We will match our appointments to the supply on hand. To make this matching more accurate, please make one appointment per person (not per couple). Please stay tuned to your email for supply and appointment updates. We have advocated federal and state legislators for sufficient supply allocations here vs mass clinics in big cities. You might do the same if you agree (politely)!
On second shot appointments, we have separate appointment types on the platform. PLEASE do NOT schedule yourself a 2nd shot appointment, because the 1st shots are full, please. We are sending emails, texts, and phone calls to those who are due for their second shot 14 days beforehand. Please wait until our notification to book your second appointment. We will make sure sufficient slots available.
Please continue to make appointments on our scheduling platform. You will keep your place in line throughout this ever-changing situation.
Our La Conner and Clinton locations are now approved locations for the state Covid Vaccination program. We will request initial shipments for them this weekend, and keep you posted when you have more location choices. We will have more choices on the appointment scheduler when available.
Along location lines...we have instructions to vaccinate for county residents only. Please keep that in mind as you decide which location to schedule for.
And now, a Thank You.
Thank you for the outpouring of support and appreciation from so many.
Thank you to our staff for their efforts. Long hours. Changing variables - sometimes hourly. Sacrificing family time in lieu of improving public health. Well done.
As we move forward, please understand, we want to answer each call and email. But, that simply isn't possible. Please stay tuned to your email and our website. Especially the new appointment lookup tool. We will continue adapting to the situation as it develops.
Here's What To Expect During Your Visit:
  • We are set up to maintain social distancing guidelines(pls still wear a mask!), even with our normal pharmacy customer flow. Lines will be segregated.
  • You will come in during the hour you booked your appointment, for example anytime between 9-10am if you grabbed the 9a slot. We don't want everyone coming in promptly at 9a! Your time in store won't be very long, the hour range is just to ensure our occupancy stays within the guidelines.
  • Upon entering the store, you will either present your form or be asked to fill out your form before proceeding to the pharmacy. Dedicated socially distanced standing desk areas are available, but please fill out in advance if you are able - saves time for all involved.
  • With a completed form, our front desk staff will direct you to the Covid Vaccine line near the pharmacy (again, separate from the pharmacy line). It is marked with yellow tape for distancing. Please do not head to that line until directed. You may stay with household members with in the 6 feet and in the immunization room.
  • When you are at the front of the line, a technician will call you up to review your insurance information.
  • Then, you proceed to the pharmacist when directed.
  • After your shot, guidelines ask you to hang around our store for 15 minutes. We want to make sure no adverse reactions happen. You will receive a text message at the start and conclusion of your 15 minute evaluation period. It may be done in your car or shopping around the store.
  • We will notify you when the second dose is due (30 days).
To make the process FASTER in-store, please fill out this form in advance AND bring your insurance card!



To make the process FASTER in-store, please fill out this form in advance AND bring your insurance card!

Island Drug is proud to again serve in the role of Your Most Convenient Vaccination Destination, just as we did during the H1N1 pandemic.


Island Drug Covid Vaccine Team Contact

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