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Dear South Whidbey Community,

                It is with great regret we announce the relocation of our Clinton location to our existing Oak Harbor store effective 6/29/2020. We want to assure you; this decision was not COVID-19 related. After numerous attempts and despite our best efforts, we were unable to secure a new lease with the landlord of Ken’s Korner Shopping Center (no, we never missed one rent payment in 15 years J). Losing our lease after 15 years was unexpected but we are confident in our continued ability to service our south end customers. We are actively exploring other locations, however we are unable to facilitate a move before we have to leave our current space.

                We are forever grateful for your support since we purchased Korner Pharmacy in 2005. In the last 15 years we have achieved some wonderful work in the south end community and with your help we will continue to do so. Putting some numbers to our time in Clinton:

  • Filled over 850,000 prescriptions
  • Generate over $46 million of revenue into the south island economy
  • Achieve over $6 million in local south island payroll and the creation of more than 60 jobs for your neighbors.

Our commitment to the South Whidbey Community Remains – and even expands – see how:

  • Maintain Clinton records and provide full service to ALL WHIDBEY CUSTOMERS out of Oak Harbor
  • Continue to employ Clinton staff
    • to the extent possible based on retained business
    • PLEASE give our new mail/delivery service a chance and keep local payroll dollars flowing to local residents!

  • FREE next day mail service for orders received by 3pm
    • Our medication synchronization service (iRxSync also free) works great with mail especially
    • All your families’ routine medications synced to a day of the month you choose!
  • FREE Same day delivery for orders received by 3pm
    • We will ask you to please reserve this for more time sensitive needs
    • i.e. Antibiotic/pain med/otherwise urgent
  • And of course, we welcome you in the Oak Harbor store!

If you have a paper rx and can’t make it to Oak Harbor, pls text (360.341.3885), email (, or fax (360.341.3886) it and we will work with the prescriber to prepare it and deliver/mail to you.

Our existing phone/fax will continue to be answered, primarily by the same Clinton-based staff you have been working with. By using the 360.341.3885 number, we will know you prefer to speak with familiar team members, if available.

Your Clinton-issued Rx#’s will not work with our Oak Harbor automated phone system, please continue to use the 360.341.3885 number on your bottle to phone in your refills to via our automated system (until receiving Oak Harbor issued Rx#’s). Also, continue requesting refills thru our app the same way. We have notified our prescribing partners on the details of transmitting prescriptions already.

We will offer video conferences with our pharmacist on new medications and any other scenario where that can be of benefit to you, our loyal customers.

 We recognize this change is unexpected and we apologize for any inconvenience you experience from this unwanted change in our business. Rest assured that we have and will continue to do everything in our power to continue meeting the needs of every customer.

                We thank you for your understanding and support during the difficult transition. Please reach out if we can provide personal assistance or answer any questions.


Your Island Drug South Team
11042 SR 525 #130
Clinton,  WA  98236
360.341.3886 Fax


Here is our latest whitepaper: