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IMPORTANT Medicare Information

Election Period for Medicare Drug Benefit

You can sign up for Medicare's prescription drug benefit when you first become eligible for Medicare (this is known as your initial eligibility period) OR during Medicare's annual election period, which occurs between November 15 and December 31 of each year. In order to ensure that your transition to your new plan is as smooth as possible, you are encouraged to enroll before December 8, 2006

This annual election period is your chance to change plans if you are unhappy with your 2006 plan.

There are two icons to the left that are excellent resources.  One is a guide to help you find the right plan, and one is the official Medicare site.

Community Care Rx is a
Medicare Approved Part D Plan, please click here for more information, or to enroll online.

Island Drug has been and will continue to be a Medicare provider, and we will do anything possible to help you through this transition.  We will also provide information in future Emails as it becomes available. Please feel free to contact us.