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Island Drug Welcomes New Pharmacist and Pharmacy Manager

Teresa Avery

Island Drug is pleased to announce that Teresa Avery, RPh, has joined the practice as Responsible Manager at Island Drug's Oak Harbor store and is a proud new member of the healthcare team. Teresa is an accomplished Pharmacist with over 25 years experience working in Clinic and Community Pharmacy in Seattle and Maui, Hawaii. Her passion for improving patient care by recognizing the vital role that the pharmacist plays in the current healthcare environment will play a large part in her new responsibilities. 

 Teresa has worked extensively in the behavioral and mental health setting in addition to having experience working in the neighborhood community arena. Most recently she initiated the Opiate Overdose Prevention Program at Swedish Pavilion Pharmacy in Edmonds, another area where she recognizes the direct impact that community pharmacists can have in saving lives.  
Teresa will be coordinating Medication Therapy Management (MTM) offered at Island Drug and overseeing efforts to maximize this service which includes: ensuring that patients understand the medications they are prescribed, implementing strategies to improve compliance and optimizing therapeutic outcomes. She will also be helping to launch the new Specialty Pharmacy Program which will provide access to new novel drug therapies for local patients who would otherwise have to rely on distant mail order pharmacies for delivery and monitoring. The Specialty Pharmacy Program will greatly increase the level of patient care and further enhance the level of service to Island Drug patrons. Teresa is a strong believer in the importance of coordination of care between the patient, practitioner and pharmacist; recognizing that this concept is the cornerstone of high quality healthcare. 
Teresa and her husband Paul have recently relocated to the island from Seattle and she looks forward to bringing her experience and enthusiasm to the patients and team at Island Drug. Together she and Paul hope to become active in the Whidbey Island community at large.