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A New Logo!

A New Logo!

As we have grown with our customers over the last number of years, we felt that that it was time to refresh our main presentation conveyed by our logo and tagline.

new id logo

What do you think?

This logo encompasses the entire operation in a small space.
A brief history of our logos and tag lines

Since the 1980's Island Drug had utilized a logo created for them by a long time customer (whose compensation was a 200 count bottle of Anacin).
The tagline used along side this logo was "The Best Kept Secret In Oak Harbor"; and that it was.

In 2004 when Aaron Syring purchased the store, his website designer needed a more "digitzed" or digitally compatable style.  So we adopted this version:
While Aaron most definitely agreed that Island Drug was the best kept secret in town, he wanted more people to discover that secret.  So the store adopted this tagline; "Discover Island Drug: Your Local Full Service Pharmacy, Wellness, Gift, and MUCH More Store!"  While this admittedly was more similar to a 5-paragraph essay then a standard tagline, it attempted to convey that we wanted people to discover how all of our team and their respective departments could be of service.

As more people have in fact discovered Island Drug, we have grown to three locations, and we have been fortunate enough to receive some kind recognitions our team thought it would be a good time to refresh the look and re-state our focus in a more visual and concise manner...we hope you like it!  We will begin rolling out the new look in the months to come, and it will take some time to change all the various digital and paper publications/handouts/forms, so we apologize for the confusion in the assured we are still your local full service pharmacy!