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Rx Solutions Skin Therapy launches at Island Drug






Rx Solutions Skin Therapy launches at Island Drug


A results oriented skin care line made especially for you. 


Pharmacies across the country are reacting to our population’s ever expanding interest in integrative medicine and natural approaches to our overall health.  This includes offering wonderful options for taking care of our skin.  Island Drug has chosen to introduce you to Rx Skin Therapy because of its proven combination of naturally based ingredients along with the latest that science has to offer to achieve healthy, glowing skin.


Today, the role of an Independent pharmacy or pharmacist has become much more complex. Because of the personalized attention and care that they give, patients seek help and guidance on everything from nutrition and weight loss to exercise and skin care.  With the increasing interest of integrated approaches to medicine, many pharmacists found themselves working closely with Doctors and practitioners to help create medicines that were truly “customized” for their patient’s individual needs.  This trend of “Compounding” is growing at a dramatic pace.


“So if we are compounding creams to balance our hormones, why aren’t we customizing creams to help our skin,” said Kristen Riddle, Pharmacist and founder of RX Skin Therapy.  Incorporating her knowledge of cosmeuceutical compounding to create products made by a pharmacist for their patients.  The result, a 18 sku collection that addresses the needs of women of all ages and all skin types.  Broken down into 5 categories (Normal, Dry, Oily, Anti-Aging and Blemish) that can be mixed and matched, RX Skin Therapy has healthy skin solutions.


“I work so closely with my customers; I could not ignore their lack of satisfaction from their skin care products. Some had adult acne that they could not control.  Some had overall dullness.” Through working with our patients and physicians (many dermatologists, OBGYN’s, and Family Practice Doctors), and then returning to the lab for formulation, we developed skin care products that solve problems and meet needs.


After 4 years of research and formulating solutions, we have seen amazing clinical results.  Satisfied with our research and data, RX Skin Therapy is ready to launch into independent Pharmacy’s beginning this May 2011.  To date, 100 pharmacies across the United States will begin stocking RX Skin Therapy.


With thousands of skin care lines out there, RX Skin Therapy makes its point of difference by being truly “Science Based” (ingredients selected based on science, not hype), having “High Concentrations of Ingredients” (contains medicinal percentages of key ingredients) and “Fills a need” (developed through years of problem solving with patients and physicians).


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