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2018 Insurance Plan Continuity

Happy New Year!

As 2018 approaches we wanted to reassure our loyal customers that we are keeping the same commitment to participate in as many insurance plan networks as possible.  We have DROPPED ZERO PLANS that we serviced in 2017 going forward.

However, our insurance partners, who have a huge undertaking at the first of the year, have had some challenges communicating to our customers about our inclusion in various networks.  This happens every year.  We have seen erroneous notifications go out to customers about us not being in-network for 2018, and even though they have acknowledged the error, correction letters will not be sent.  We also have seen this year letters the use the term preferred pharmacies and imply patients won't receive the same price they always have at our stores.   For the plan that has generated the most questions this cycle about preferred network letters, we have verified that your rates will NOT be different this year as compared to previous.  Then there is always the magical, mystical pharmacy locators on insurance plan websites.  We have seen some plans not load our stores even though we call to verify our contracts are properly loaded and we are in fact contracted providers.

The most common inquiries this year have been in regards to these and other scenarios are Regence, Kaiser (formerly Group Health), and various Caremark serviced plans, ALL OF WHICH WE ARE PROVIDING SERVICES FOR IN 2018; as always we are proud to service our Military families through the TRICARE program as well.

Again, we understand the enormity of the task our insurance partners go through every year and we are excited to continue servicing our loyal customers in 2018.  PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS ABOUT OUR ABILITY TO SERVE YOU IN 2018.  We will be happy to run your prescriptions for you in the New Year and help determine the price is the best you will find for your plan at that time.

Thank you again to all our loyal customers for the opportunity to partner in better health outcomes and for voting us Best Pharmacy for Best of Whidbey  2017 for well over 7 years running!